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PlayLister is a fully automated PHP Script that interacts with different API services to dynamically retrieve and organise music albums and songs. Have your own Online Music Website up and running within minutes. This script will attract traffic like bees to honey. PlayLister is the quickest and most hassle-free way of creating a niche music site.

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Dynamic Content

PlayLister is fully automated, it grabs artists information and album tracks from iTunes using their API Service and whenever a user clicks on a track, the script will dynamically grab the related song from YouTube and plays it. This creates tons of content ready to be served to your users within seconds after the installation.

PlayLister is Social

PlayLister includes Facebook likes and comments on every video, all you have to do is enter your FB App ID within the admin area. If you have a Facebook page, you can also set the page link within the settings and the like box will appear next to the menu. PlayLister allows your users to create and share their playlists.

Earn money with ads

You can earn money by placing google ads (adsense) or any other Ad Network. All you have to do is to place your different ad codes within the right ad zone from the admin area and start earning money as your sites drives more and more traffic.

Itunes Affiliates

Join the Itunes Affiliates Program and start earning money every time someone clicks on the itunes button within your site and buys an album or anything else from the itunes store!

SEO - Organic Traffic

Since PlayLister is a Search Engine Optimized script. Every page has it's own title, description and keywords. Thousands and thousands of pages will be served dynamically and each page will be indexed by all major search engines including google. Basically, your site will attracts traffic like bees to honey!

Playlist Manager

PlayLister has an advanced playlist system. User will be able to create their own playlists or clone other users playlists. They can add track by track or even a whole album within a click. Reordering tracks within a playlist is done with a simple drag and drop.

VidFetch Downloads

This is one of the best features that lets you download a track in different video or audio formats: 3GP, FLV, WEBM, MP4, MP3, AAC. This service is provided through, You can signup with a free account (150 Hits / month) or upgrade to any other plan.

Themes / Templates

PlayLister comes with 2 themes, dark and light. You can easily create your own theme / template by cloning the existing one and modifying it. The script uses the well known PHP Smarty Template Engine which separates the code from the design and makes it easier to customize the look and feel of your site